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UVC Disinfection

Hospital Sterilisation & Infection Control

Our UVC Disinfection module for MARs Modular Autonomous Robot is designed to disinfect any surrounding in a hospital environment. It sprays mistified disinfectant in a 360 degree radius, and also shines UVC light to sterilise surfaces. This module is easy to install and will help keep your hospital clean and safe.

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UVC Disinfection

Our UVC Disinfection module is an autonomous robotics solution that uses UV-C radiation to safely and effectively disinfect air, surfaces, and objects. Equipped with four tubular UVC devices, our UVC Disinfection module is capable of delivering standard mode UV-C radiation to the surrounding environment to reduce the risk of acquiring an infection. 

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Deep Cleaning Mode

Our autonomous robots come with a deep cleaning mode that can be activated when contamination is detected, especially in isolated areas. This deep cleaning mode is equipped with a UVC Disinfection module that can extend its centre part with four additional UVC panels and disinfectant spraying outlets to ensure deeper and more thorough cleaning.

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Human Robot Interaction

Our HD touchscreen display is embedded into the top surface of our UVC module, providing authorised personnel with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface for controlling the autonomous robot. This display offers high-definition visuals for enhanced clarity, allowing mission detail to be displayed in vivid detail.

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Disinfecting hospital surrounding 

UVC Disinfection Module In-Action

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