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Changing Station + D-Port

Charging + Interchanging + Drone Landing

The Changing Station + D-Port from MAR are essential for a successful autonomous robotics system. The Changing Station allows AMR modules to wirelessly charge and swap out top modules, while the D-Port is where drones can land and recharge. These base stations provide a complete charging and interchanging solution for autonomous robots.

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Local Support

Changing Station


Allow base unit to swap out top modules base on upcoming tasks

Wireless Charging

Charging of AMR starts automatically once robots enters stations

Series of 5

5 stations can be connected in series, sharing power and data

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Land > Aerial 

D - Port

Drone Landing

Drones are on standby mode and charged automatically for flight

Transfer Packages

Airlift (Land) transfers package to Drone (Air)

Flight Path Request

MARs cloud system feeds flight path and weather data to D-Port and drones 

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Design Feature



The concept design of MARs revolves around modular interchangeability, allowing autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) to quickly adapt to changing needs. Our Changing Station serves as the base for all AMRs, providing a central place for them to return for recharging and swapping out modules. Modules such as UVC disinfection, mobile storage, and AirLift can be quickly and easily exchanged, allowing MARs to perform a variety of tasks. Our robust interchangeable system ensures that your AMRs are always ready to go.

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Design Feature


Swift & Auto Recharge

The Auto Recharge feature from our Autonomous Robotics is designed to keep your system running smoothly, without any downtime. Our stations provide wireless charging for all modules whenever they enter, allowing for a quick and efficient recharge process. The high speed charging capability is critical to the "zero-downtime" concept in the system design. Our Auto Recharge feature is the perfect way to keep your robotic system running at optimal efficiency.

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Design Feature


Smart Hospital Integration

Our smart hospital architecture integration is designed to create an efficient, safe, and patient-centric environment. Our autonomous robotics technology enables hospitals to design stations that can be wall-mounted or built-in into the architecture of a new smart hospital for maximum efficiency and use of space. Our solution is tailored to help streamline hospital logistics. Our integration ensures that We are committed to providing the best possible design in a safe and efficient environment.

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Transporting Organs and Medical Supplies Interregionally

Code Red - Emergency Deployment

Every second counts

Code : Red

Mission Established 

Heart transplant is in progress. Organ is extracted and awaiting transport.

Interregional Transport Request

Organ is needed to transport from Hospital A to B ASAP

Airlift Carries Item to D-Port

Transferred item locally from OT to drone hanger for departure

Drone Departs Once Ready

MARs centralised system plots optimal flight path for drones. Drone immediately departs once package is received

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