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Base Unit

Foundation of MAR System

The base unit is the foundation of the autonomous robotics system, providing the core technology for a mobilised, autonomous robotics experience. It is connected to a cloud system, enabling the user to customize their robotics system and benefit from the latest updates. The base unit allows for a modular, interchangeable system that can be tailored to the user's needs.

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Base Unit

Front Facing 3D Camera

3D mapping, obstruction avoidance and proximity detection

Ultrasound Sensors

Multiple ultrasound sensors are embedded in the outer frame for proximity detection

Anchoring Mechanism

Patented anchoring system for securing MARs top mounted modules

LiDar Sensor

LiDar module is integrated to improve object perception

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Design Feature


Power + Data Connection

The MARs Base Unit is designed to be detachable, allowing for the seamless connection of upper modules. Its connecting face is designed to ensure reliable connection and easy assembly. This base unit also features a connecting port which enables power delivery and data transfer between modules.

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Design Feature


Proprietary Anchoring Mechanism

Our base unit is equipped with Novasdyne's proprietary anchoring mechanism. This revolutionary mechanism automatically and securely locks interchangeable modules in place, ensuring that your autonomous robotic remains firmly attached and ready to take on any task. 

Design Feature


Wireless Charging

MARs base unit is equipped with the latest wireless charging technology, allowing it to automatically recharge its battery level without any manual intervention. The AMRs battery level is managed by a centralised system, so that the unit will automatically return to its charging station whenever the battery level is low. 

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