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AirLift + Drone

Interregional Long Range Mission

The AirLift + Drone from our MAR system is the perfect solution for safe and efficient transportation of goods and materials. The airlift module provides "Land to Air" transportation, allowing your materials to be quickly and safely delivered to an interregional location. The drone then takes over, guiding the package to its final destination. With the AirLift + Drone, you can be sure that your goods will arrive quickly and securely.

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Aerial Division

Heavy Duty Drone

Interregional Long Range Drone with interchangeable package

AirLift (with Base)

Local transportation of items to D-Port for flight preparation

D - Port

Landing and charging facility for heavy duty drones

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Design Feature


AirLift Module

The Airlift Module is a specially designed long-range transportation module for autonomous robotics. It features an upward-opening hatch, allowing critical packages to be transferred to the drone at the D-Port. This module is constructed from lightweight, yet durable materials for maximum efficiency and reliability. Its cutting-edge design ensures smooth and safe operation in any environment.

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Design Feature


Heavy Duty Drone

Introducing the Heavy Duty Drone from Autonomous Robotics - the perfect solution for interregional transport of items in emergency scenarios. With a downward opening hatch that can securely clamp onto items, this drone is an ideal choice for transporting organs from one hospital to another. It utilizes a cloud system to generate a safe and efficient flight path, ensuring that your items will arrive at their destination quickly and safely.

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Design Feature


Zero Intervention
Zero Delay

Airlift, Drone and D-Port offer a comprehensive and powerful autonomous robotics system that can autonomously mobilise devices to deliver long-range requests without any human intervention. The system is composed of Airlift, a ground-based autonomous vehicle, Drone, a flying autonomous robot, and D-Port, a bridge between the two. Together they provide a seamless, autonomous delivery experience.

Robot Master.114.jpg
Transporting Organs and Medical Supplies Interregionally

Code Red - Emergency Deployment

Every second counts

Code : Red

Mission Established 

Heart transplant is in progress. Organ is extracted and awaiting transport.

Interregional Transport Request

Organ is needed to transport from Hospital A to B ASAP

Airlift Carries Item to D-Port

Transferred item locally from OT to drone hanger for departure

Drone Departs Once Ready

MARs centralised system plots optimal flight path for drones. Drone immediately departs once package is received

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