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VR Goggles

The future is our battlefront,
engineering is our superpower.

Artificial Intelligence + Autonomous Robotic

Our Mission

Enhance efficiency of human-robot interaction.

At Novsadyne, autonomous robots (AMR) and artificial intelligence are the cornerstones and we aim to improve productivity and efficiency in the medical context by employing our autonomous robot system.

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MARs - Modular Autonomous Robot System

MARs is founded on the basis of modularity and extends itself through compatible and upgradable top-mounted modules.


Novasdyne Focus Areas


Let's work together!
How can we help?

Our Bespoke Program offers tailored projects that provide products and services based on your individual needs and requirements. We specialize in designing solutions that fit within your existing infrastructure and technology framework. Our experienced team of experts will work with you to create a personalized solution that meets your unique goals.

Image by Minku Kang
Image by Farrel Nobel
Product & Service

What do we offer?

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